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Our Solutions:
we, a software development company serves the School, Colleges, Educational institutions, offices, retailers, manufacturers, shop keepers and store owners
to provide a ready to use portal with user friendly accessibility and well demarcated features for the automated offline   and online process both for users and
Admin. We have provided this extensive feature to a great number of Educational Institutions with good approach.

My-Soft brings all round solutions to our clients ranging from Software development, Administration Software Solutions, Biometric Software and Products,
Website designs and SMS Solutions. We at My-soft offer you pioneering and tailored expertise along with innovative solutions for all challenges. In the
shortest time possible, we aspire to accomplish the tasks and please our clients as best we can.

My-Soft is established in 2008 to align the core objective of the organization with the recruitment process to bring the right set of people who in turn create a
positive impact on the bottom line of the organization.
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