Our Solutions:
Advanced Features:
1. Automated Attendance System
2. Auto SMS to parent on Showing RFID Card [Biometric System]
3. Eliminates manual Attendance System
4. Illustrates unauthorized entry
5. Can Keep an Eye on Students and Staff going Outside
Biometric Features:
1. Stores 1 Lakh Transactions in device
2. Provides 3 hours battery Back-Up
3. Slim and color Device
  Automated Attendance Management:      Access card & Biometric System
We Provide a Microchip RFID Card to student and a Biometric Access Device. This System takes attendance automatically by access card & Biometric System.
In this the student shows an Access card to the Device, and the device sends the data to the software in  local system. The software receives the card details
and takes attendance and sends SMS to parents  automatically.  Sends Auto SMS to Parent as Present & Late SMS immediately when student shows the  card.       
Automated Attendance
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